Best Laptops for Film Students

Best Laptops for Film Students 2022

Best Laptops for Film Students 2020 Reviews

A laptop is essential for film editing students, with the latest technology film editing is becoming more and more technology-dependent. For this article, Matthew who is a film student did all the research, he explained the uses of laptops for film students.

Our life is dependent on laptops and we all have laptops, but in this article, our editors have explained 5 of these amazing laptops that are just perfect for video and film editing. With super-fast processing speed, you can complete the task within minutes. 

It requires a lot of skills to be a professional editor and film students know this, laptops will help you in your daily routine and also beneficial for your profession.

Best Laptops for Film Students 2020

Laptops for Film Students 2020 Features Screen Price
Acer Predator Triton 8th generation Intel i7, Full HD 15.6″ Check Price
Lenovo HM 7th generation Intel Core i7, super-fast  15.6″ Check Price
MSI P65 Creator super-fast processor, Full HD 15.6″ Check Price
HP Envy 8th generation i7, Full HD 13″ Check Price
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 latest features, super-fast, light-weight 15.6″ Check Price

Acer Predator Triton 500

Acer predator is a wonderful machine that is strong in its built. It is a robust gaming laptop made up of thin, sleek and lightweight chassis. This laptop makes you play games like a pro and keeps you as light as a feather. Now this machine of Acer has something to talk about in the town.

It is a glowing machine with a beautifully made reflective body. It is obviously like other models of Acer is engraved with the Acer logo in the center of the lid of the laptop. It is made up of black aluminum and the frame of this laptop is ultra-slim which means it is your traveling companion.

It is a very beautiful piece of technology like it carries turquoise-colored painted vents and ports. This thing has truly made a difference. As I told you it is a beautiful laptop.

It has a reflective body and the color is black so it easily carries the fingerprints on the lid. You should keep something with you to clean it properly. 

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It has a teal color backlighting and gives it a sober look along with a classic gaming appearance. Its keys are made up of plastic and are very great in its built. The touchpad of this laptop has a beautiful flair and this thing gives the laptop a playful look. It has a decent arrangement of keys I must say.

When I see through the ports of laptop I am shocked that it is full of great looks and these looks keep you up to date about your working. When you see its ports you feel like it has it all. All sort of ports is available on this laptop.

It carries a pair of USB 3.1 port, It is also equipped with Thunderbolt 3 port. The Thunderbolt 3 port has given its wonderful appearance. Thunderbolt 3 is a great port that gives it a universal sort of look. You can only love this laptop and enjoy it for its longer duration as it is quite a modern machine.

It has a mini display port of version  1.4 and it carries a Kingston lock too.  It shows that it can connect to a few monitors too and its USB 3.1 port allows other accessories to connect with this laptop easily.

The display of any laptop is very important if you are concerned with the field of studios and filming and the display of this laptop is fairly vivid and great as we know that its size is 15.6 inches.

Its display is very bright and gives you great visibility as this Laptop has optimum brightness and increases your viewership highly and provides you great picture quality.

This laptop provides great video quality and the sound quality is also great. Its sound level is loud and clear. With the help of this laptop you can listen to great music with maximum loudness and also the level of sound has deep bass so you are going to enjoy the great music.

Its keyboard and touchpad both are highly sensitive and you are going to love typing on this laptop. Its keys are very sensitive and easy to touch. You can do unlimited typing on this laptop without any trouble and this typing surely increases your capabilities to work on this machine too.

Acer has great gaming technology to improve its working capabilities. It has the software chip for graphics and gaming named as Nvidia Geforce. Its GPU has very strong and powerful graphics and this laptop possesses a  great processor which definitely increases your abilities to do the optimum level of working.

It has a battery life of approximately 3 hours and this is not too much but you can ignore the battery if you see the other features which are of great worth and importance thus you can enjoy working with this laptop a lot without any trouble. I have also used it for internet browsing and it works great.

This laptop is also protected from the chances of overheating although it carries a strong and robust processor for it’s working. You will work with a cool machine indeed while working on this laptop.

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It is one of the best laptops for film students in 2020, which is composed of the best graphics effects and this graphic effect keeps the viewer intact to this laptop screen. This laptop has a great sound quality which is not the best but good enough. This laptop has a best-looking appearance and thus you are going to enjoy the best laptop experience.

It is a highly recommended laptop for you if you are concerned about a film field, media or other related professions.

Lenovo HM, Laptop for Film Students 2020

It is one of the best laptops which carries a great amount of flexibility as it is a two in one laptop. It has strong graphics with awesome screen display features which provides great gaming effect. It is a 15.6 inches laptop that has widescreen. This screen gives you chances of great viewership. You know that it is an easily convertible laptop so you can enjoy two types of screen at a single time.

It has Intel core i7 processor which has great processing power with a chip called Nvidia  Geforce with 1050GPU. This laptop has great features of games designing and watching movies. This is perfect for film students.

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It can be converted to a tablet easily just by a detachment of the screen from the keyboard. This laptop of Lenovo has simple and plain design and this design has made the laptop look highly professional. It resembles a lot to Yoga 720. Its lid is made up of aluminum and the color of this lid has the shade of gunmetal. It has the FHD display and the resolution of the screen is very fine.

The number of ports of the Lenovo laptop is very less but in my opinion, these ports are enough in number for a two in one laptop.  It has a USB 3.1 port which is detectable by many devices. It has a giant port called the Thunderbolt 3 which has very diverse connectivity options that are ideal for film editing students.

It also carries a headphone jack which helps you in enjoying the music of your choice. It is a 15.6 inches laptop that has very fine and stunning colors. The detailing of the picture is also very fine in these laptops. You can even connect this laptop to a surround sound system for a better sound experience.

Its screen has an outstanding quality of approximately 114 percent sRGB color differentiation. This laptop shows a very clear image with a great representation of colors. The brightness of the screen of this laptop measures 272 nits.

The keyboard of this laptop is very fine in its working. The keys of the laptop can easily be pressed and the keyboard has very nice and up to the mark arrangement of keys. Your typing speed is usually high on these laptops.

The touchpad of this laptop is very wide and carries a lot of space. It can handle the touch very precisely and you can move your fingers quite swiftly on this laptop’s touchpad.

The speaker of this laptop is very loud and the sound produced by this speaker is highly balanced. It has a pre-installed software called Dolby Atmos and this software provides the loud sound for music, movies, and gaming.

Whenever you watch movies on this laptop the quality of sound is supreme and loud. You are not only going to enjoy loud music but also a clear sound.

This laptop has a super-fast processing speed that is perfect for video and film editing. It has a Central Processing Unit powered by Intel. It has an Intel core processor of i7 and has a model 7700HQ with a processing speed of 2.8GHz.

It is a great laptop with high performance and the processing power of this laptop is optimum. It does not get slow and process the data at a very high speed.

It is a laptop that is composed of the ultimate graphical effects. The graphics of this laptop is used for creative working and gaming. In fact, very heavy graphical games do not let this laptop become slow. This is among the best laptops with a number pad.

This laptop provides a great gaming experience and the graphics of this laptop are very fine and clear. When you play the game on this laptop you will become unstoppable. This is a gamers heaven.

The battery of this laptop is very strong that it can work for more than 8 hours without charging. It has a good battery life and you are free from the headache of charging again and again while doing an assignment on this laptop. In my opinion, 8 hours is enough time for doing your work on a laptop without charging.

The webcam of this laptop is of 720 pixels resolution.  It is the resolution with which you can take high-quality sharp photos. Although the picture quality is high the colors are not well differentiated on this laptop. The webcam gives a good quality of video chatting while using this laptop for the purpose.

It has the ability to control the increase of temperature easily. This laptop does not get hot and cool down after the streaming of 15 minutes on this laptop.

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This laptop is highly productive and the level of performance of this laptop is optimum. You are going to enjoy your experience with this wonderful machine. This laptop is plain and simple but the screen is very vivid and clean. So that you will enjoy watching videos on this laptop.

If you are a creative person this laptop is a must choice for you.

MSI P65 Creator

MSI Laptop Brand is a Taiwan based company and it is known as one of the best creative laptops. This laptop is a great machine that is full of features that a creative person or a demanding individual expects from a laptop.

This laptop is extremely thin and light. Its size makes its user quite happy. It is loved because of its gaming abilities and its thin powerful and great battery life. It has a metal body which painted in white color and this laptop is quite different from the regular and monotonous black and grey laptops.

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It has a Thunderbolt port which helps in high-speed transfer of data and you can also connect it to an external display. The port division on this laptop is great. It also carries a Type C USB connection.

As I told you guys that this laptop is full of usable ports. It has three 3.1 Type C ports. It is also composed of an HMDI port and the mini display port is also present in this laptop.

This laptop has a hinge of 180 degrees which means you can view the screen easily and also you can show the screen to different people even in a conference or presentation. 

The typing on the laptop of this brand is quite easy and smooth. If you are used to its key arrangement then you can do typing for hours on this laptop. The spacing on the keyboard is quite less and people sometimes get fussy about this arrangement of keys.

The trackpad of this laptop is very sensitive to touch. It also comes with a fingerprint sensor. You just need to put your fingers on the touchpad it is quite sensitive that it will sense your gestures easily.

The screen of this laptop is very great and optimum in its features. The display of the screen is 15.6 inches wide which is wide enough to get a full-on picture quality. It has the maximum brightness level which can be measured up to 278nits which is quite enough.

It has preinstalled true color software and this software helps in the production of a proper color scheme with sharp and bright images. This software has definitely increased the picture quality of this laptop.

People who like to view more than one monitor’s effects must be delighted to see that more than one monitor can be connected to this laptop and happy to have such an amazing machine for their viewing experience.

It has an important feature which usually most of the laptops do not carry. That feature is the presence of great audio playback. It is the best feature of this laptop that has the best quality of film sound.

If your headphones are of good quality then it’s sound effects are its best feature. It is also occupied with the Bluetooth 5 which gives this laptop a wireless effect.

Core i7 8750 H processor of this laptop provides the freedom of multitasking. You can do a lot of processing on this laptop. It can work on so many apps at a time.

This laptop is full of great features and the processing capacity of its heavy processor maintains the speed of your computer. It does not get slow if the pressure of multitasking increased. It is a big quality indeed.

It also comes with photo editing and film making applications. These are Filmora and GIMP. It has the ability with which you guys can edit your photos and also improve your filming capabilities. This laptop is a great choice.

Its internal fans are very powerful that it takes out the warm air out easily thus your system works smoothly without getting hot and throttling does not occur.

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Its battery life is up to 8 hours and it is quite cool. Mostly the laptop with such heavy status does not carry this much big and heavy machinery for its working.

Although the name of this laptop is quite awkward it has got the best quality as a machine. It can process data super fast and also the screen display of this laptop is great it does not carry any problem and it is full of extraordinary features.

HP Envy

A laptop is a machine that gives you the power to do your work easily. This laptop gives you the maximum freedom a device could offer to you. This laptop has a screen size that suits the working class of any setup and is ideal for film school students.

This laptop has windows 10 operating systems and you people know that this laptop’s operating system is compatible with all the available software in the market approximately.

This is a lightweight laptop with great specifications. These specifications create magic in making this laptop the best one among the heap of laptops available in the market. I personally love it as it has the ultimate features.

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It is made up of aluminum and ultra-thin sort of laptop. It’s such a nice design has made it a sturdy laptop with a strong body and great design. It has the ability to bear a considerable amount of shock.

It has an ergonomic keyboard, it enables smooth efficient and error-free typing without any trouble. It will surely maximize your typing speed and overall typing experience.

It is my usual experience that most of the laptops do not carry a good audio system but for music lovers and audiophiles this laptop is proved as a gust of fresh air. It has great quality and volume of sound which soothes your ears.

HP has made a collaboration with Band and Olufsen to produce great quality of sound in this laptop. With the help of this laptop, we are able to produce the rich and authentic quality of sound and you are going to love your musical experience without any doubt.

As I have explained earlier that this laptop is made up of Corning Gorilla glass which is unbreakable and you can enjoy working on this laptop without any fear of falling down of your delicate device and get broken.

It is a strong device with a thin and sleek build. I mean I think that it is the best laptop while writing the review, I am fallen in love with this laptop. When you people use it like I do you can never live without this handy companion of yours.

It is also a secure device as it comes with a fingerprint reader like you can open it easily with just a single swipe of your finger rather than entering long tiring passwords in which there is a chance that you can forget it. It is a device that can personalize and secure your data too.

It is also empowered with the Amazon Alexa software. This software helps you do your laptop related tasks without any trouble and it’s just like an e- assistant to you. You can bring out your lists to do calendars and music easily with the help of this laptop.

Its processor is the 8th generation powered with Intel core. It is a quad-core processor. The speed of this processor is very high and optimum. You can work with a laptop quite nicely and do multitasking easily.

The display of this laptop is FHD IPS powered and it has an LED-powered with an optimum backlit which gives you great viewing experience. The resolution of this laptop is 1920×1080 pixel. The display is very vivid and clear.

Its memory is a solid-state drive. It has an extended hard drive memory which has very much capacity for securing data.

Its battery life is approximately 15 hours maximum. You can work for an extended period of time on this laptop. This laptop carries a lot of benefits and positive impacts. The most important factor of a laptop specification is its battery. You can work on laptop carefree if it has a long and extended battery life.

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I personally love this laptop it has every feature you want from your laptop. You take the name it has the feature. It’s like a ginny of the laptop which fulfills your demands on your order.

You are going to love this laptop as it has a very fine display, beautiful contrast effect of the screen, optimum battery like, Outclass sound effect. It’s every feature has made it an outstanding laptop for film students.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme

Lenovo premium X series has created a beautiful collection of laptops. This laptop of Lenovo is of 15.6 inches in size. It has a high-efficiency processor powered by Core. Its keyboard is exceptionally comfortable and you can do unlimited typing on this laptop without getting tired.

It has a sleek body and the weight of this laptop is very less that you can take it anywhere you want easily without any problem. The material used for its making is very luxurious material.

This laptop has chassis made up of carbon fiber of matte black color. Its lid is quite sophisticated and comfortable to touch. It has Thinkpad written on its back and it also carries a red-colored glowing logo. It is a stylish laptop.

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This laptop has a very smooth body when you open the lid you will face an experience full of benefits like armrest for your arm. It has a soft and plush body. It is not made up of the cold aluminum body. It is hard to clean but an amazing machine indeed.

The X1 extreme has supreme sort of connections as it has two USB3.1 port of version A and has one SD card reader and it also possesses an optional smart card reader and also a Kingston lock. It is also very much equipped with two Thunderbolt 3 ports. It also carries an HDMI port. It also has a headphone/ mic jack.

It also has an extension port with the help of which an Ethernet connection is created in the presence of a dongle port.

Don’t be afraid if it has low weight and thin body. It looks delicate but it’s built is very robust.  It can easily cope up with high temperatures and extreme conditions like sand, dust, and moisture.

It also carries a fingerprint reader due to which you can endure any pilferage and theft of your data thus this device has made the data and laptop secure.

Its display has a resolution of  1080p and thus gives you a vivid and colorful picture quality on the screen.  Its picture quality is very much captivating that you cannot move your eyes for a single second while watching a movie on this laptop.

It has 366nits for producing maximum brightness. The level of brightness is too optimum for this laptop that you are going to enjoy this laptop completely.

This laptop is a great one to select for your filming and video experience. I hope that you are going to love this laptop as a filmmaker.

The laptop is full of wonders and the keyboard of this laptop is very awesome and typing on this laptop is a treat in hands or I say a treat on the finger.  There is also a red dot in the center which acts as a joystick and it is a highly sensitive one.

The trackpad of this laptop is too fine and you will love to use it and enjoy it. It is the best as far as touching is a concern.

The audio effect of this laptop is good but not the best. It has a great sound quality and it can fill the room of medium size with a good loud sound. But you cannot say that it is a replacement of surround sound system.

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It has a battery life of more than 6 hours. You can work on this laptop for a good amount of time without any interruption of charging again and again. I hope it is a great feature if you hate to get tied up to a charging code after short intervals of time.

The webcam of this laptop has a resolution of 720 pixels. It is a very good one to provide you with the best quality of images while doing a video conference.

I highly recommend this laptop as it has great strength and is a robust machine that can endure many environmental problems easily. Hope you like it.

Thank you

Team – Whatlaptops

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