How to Make Old Laptop Look Cool?

How to Make Old Laptop Look Cool?

How to Make Old Laptop Look Cool?

Having an old laptop creates lots of problems for us. My friend had an old laptop and he was confused about its outlook. Thanks to technology, now we can tweak old laptops and make them look cool.

In this article, our editors have explained 10 best ways to make old laptop to look cool. All of these methods explained below are tested and proven by our technicians and writers. These methods will not only improve the look of your old laptop but you can also increase the speed of the laptop.

Let us get into the details:

How to Make Old Laptop Look Cool?

Having an old laptop is not an issue, you have to maintain it regularly and keep it updated. I had an old laptop and I kept it cool. There are different methods that you can use to keep your laptop in style. Below is the detailed guide and best methods that are essential for keeping your laptop look new and cool.

Get a new back protector

It is the easiest way to enhance the looks of your laptop. You can beautify your laptop easily without any trouble by using different types of skins and decals available.

Nowadays all types of decals are available in the market with different colors and designs. Click here to read a detailed guide on decorating your laptops.

You can apply the skin of your choice and taste easily without any trouble. The protector of the laptop has a lot of advantages like this keeps the laptop scratches free and clean. You just need to clean your laptop then add the new protector and now the looks of your laptop are totally changed.

Change the wallpaper of the desktop

Although the desktop does not create any huge difference in the laptop appearance after changing it your laptop looks will be fresh in up easily. And most interestingly you do not need to go to Paris to put the picture of Paris on your desktop. You just need to go to Google and select the wallpaper of your desire. It will definitely enhance the looks of your laptop.

Sweep out the extra folders of the desktop

It is necessary that you should clean out your desktop from the unwanted and extra folder. Being a girl I used to put every single thing I use on the desktop so that I can reach it easily but it has made my desktop so messy that I personally feel very clumsy for my laptop.

You enhance the appearance of a laptop you need to clean the extra folders from the desktop.

Proper cleaning of an old laptop to make it look cool

Sometimes it is necessary to clean the marks and smudges from the laptop screen. This thing itself causes the enhancement of the looks of a laptop. You should have a clean laptop screen and also it will look cool.

I never did a cleaning of my laptop properly but when I did I was shocked that it was amazing as far as its looks are concerned.

It is necessary for making your laptop to look clean not from outside but also from inside. If your laptop gets hot too much and a fan is not working properly. It is also necessary that you can make your laptop dust free by vacuum cleaning it. So that all the dust and spider webs you know they can go there can be free.

Addition of new battery to your old laptop

It is necessary for you to put a new battery in your laptop. Sometimes the battery gets worn out due to long term use. Changing or replacing the old battery with a new one is a great option to provide you with the best working capabilities. This thing is surely a cause of enhancement of battery life and functioning of the laptop.

Addition of extra hard drive

You can add an extra hard drive to your laptop. This will help you to segregate the memory of the laptop and you will be able to get the best out of your old lappy. As it will have extra space for saving your information and your laptop will work faster without getting stuck up due to overfilled memory.

Renewal of your operating system

It is important that you can renew your laptop by reinstalling an operating system like windows and Mac whatever your operating system is. It will make your system faster and also remove unwanted files from your laptop. It will surely become the cause of increasing the speed of your laptop.

Addition of stylish sleeves will make your laptop look cool

You can make your laptop very cool by adding sleeves of a different kind into it. There is a huge variety of laptop sleeves present in the market. You can buy the sleeve you love according to your color affiliation, your design selection, and your style.

Addition of a mouse

You can add a mouse to your laptops which are of different shapes and styles and also wired and non-wired mouse is available in the market. You can select whatever you want easily. It will be a stylish and cool move to do with your laptop to enhance its looks. Personally, I like to use a wiresless mouse for laptops.

Addition of mouse pad

Nowadays customized mouse pads are available in the market you can add the mouse of your choice to your system. Mousepads with animations drawn and also a beautiful style of the mouse pads are present. These mouse pads carry the special to enhance the looks of laptop.

Addition of keyboard covers

In the market, there is a different type of stylish keyboard covers and the stickers present. You can put it to the keyboard of your laptop to make it look stylish. You can add the stickers which have changed the regular alphabetical shape to the drawing based stylish shapes of alphabets like cartoon alphabets.

USB based accessories

You can add the USB based accessories to your laptop like USB based fans and LED lights. It will enhance the looks of your laptop and also become the cause of improving the old appearance of your laptop.

Detailing on your laptop

You can do detailing on the different parts of the laptop like screen, bezels and the webcam. You can do the detailing by adding the stickers or painting it. Stamping it with different designs and thus causing your system to look admirable.

Painting your laptop lid

You can paint your Laptop to enhance its looks and it can be done with spray or brush. You can add the details of your choice with the help of paint. You can use the glitters too to give it shimmery looks. You can also add the diamonties to it too.

You can make the scenery or abstract art design. You can also add geometrical patterns to your laptop.

Modification in icons

You can change the icons with different characters as different sort of software are present for this purpose you just need to download them and apply these cool icons to your laptop. It will definitely make your system looks cool and modern.

Modification in laptop fan

You can modify your laptop fan by addition of  LED lights to your laptop fans and thus it will cause the look enhancement and also these light can be of any color you want. It will be a cool thing to do with your laptop.

These are the ways by which you can turn your old boring laptop to a new and electric one. It is a source of pleasure for you to design your laptop and also it will increase the worth of your machine. You should always keep an eye on your laptop fan performance.

I tried these things at home and it will become the cause of my happiness. My colleagues love it too and said that I have got a great laptop. My machine is now a stylish and cool thing. Hope you will try these methods too and enjoy working on a stylish laptop.

I also added some buttons to the laptop lid and they were also looking pretty. You can add them too if you want. As I am a designer so it suits me that’s why I did it. 

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