How Much Gold is in a Computer Processor?

How Much Gold is in a Computer Processor?

How Much Gold is in a Computer Processor?

It was very surprising for me that the motherboard of a laptop can have gold. It will be surprising for many that motherboard and also computer processor contains gold in its circuit.

Most of the people think that only the copper is a conductor of electricity and the wires connected in the motherboard is made up of copper. Copper is cheap conductor while Gold is an expensive conductor. Gold is a precious and the best conductor of electricity.

How Much Gold is in a Computer Processor?

In this article, our editors have explained in detail about the presence of gold in a computer processor. Along with this, we have explained the benefits of using gold in the computer motherboard and processor.

To get 2kg of gold you should need to have 15000 laptops so in each laptop there would be about 60mg of gold. 15000 laptops can give you 2 kg of Gold and 2 kg gold contains 2000 grams and 1 kilo contains 1000 grams.

Experts say that a million laptops can give you 25 kg Gold, or 50lb of Gold and 250 kg (550)lb of Silver and 9 kg of palladium and more than 9000 kg of copper.

We can say that if you have 100 of laptops then you can get 6000 mg or 6 g of Gold by its extraction method. Because 1 laptop contains 60 mg of Gold in it so 100 laptops can give you 6000 mg or 6g of Gold.

It is an estimated value of Gold to extract from the laptop because the amount of Gold is drained out during the cupellation process and melting process.

You will also read a step-by-step guide for extracting gold from computer processor and motherboard.

Let me start with the benefits of using gold in computers and laptops.

Benefits of Using Gold in a Computer Processor

There are many benefits of using Gold in a computer processor:

1-Corrosion resistant: Gold is highly corrosion resistant.

2-Reconnect property: Gold has a unique ability and it stays connected with the computer processor, unlike silver that may fall.

3- Faster: It works faster than the Copper and silver in the motherboard.

How to extract gold from computer processor?

The question arises in our mind that how can we extract gold from the processor. I will tell you that one can extract gold from the circuit of motherboard.2 months ago my laptop was defective due to its hard disk failure and few other issues.

My laptop was 8 years gold and its processor stops working, so I decided to sell it out. But then I came to know, its motherboard and processor contains gold. I decided to extract gold from the motherboard and its processor.

In this guide, I will tell you the method that how I extract gold from the motherboard. It is a very interesting process you will not get bored I promise.

Tools required to extract gold from a computer processor

  • Screwdrivers: It is used to open the hardware of computer or laptops. Click here to buy laptop screwdriver tool set from Amazon.
  • ATX power supply Tester: It is used to check the voltage of the circuit.
  • Multi-tester: it measures the power function of the processor.
  • Cable testers. It helps in substituting wires in the motherboard.
  • Rubber gloves: to protect hands from damage.
  • Rubber apron: to protect your body
    to protect your eyes.

Chemicals required

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
     Muriatic acid
     Methyl Hydrate
  • Funnel Filter
     weight scale
  • Measuring cup

The extractor should take care of the safety precautions.

A step-by-step guide to extract gold from a computer processor

There are some steps to extract Gold from a computer motherboard and processor. Now I m going to tell you how I extract the gold from a laptop processor.

As we know that technology is advancing day by day so everyone is running towards advancement. Everybody wants to sell its old laptop and want to buy a new one.

Some of my friend and family member’s laptops were not working and I bought their old laptops and extract the gold from these laptops with methods explained below.

I extract gold from 10 laptops as we know that each laptop contains 60 mg of gold in it so after extraction I got 500 mg of Gold from these laptops.

In this way, I recycled the old laptops gold flakes into the original gold. More laptops will extract more Gold in this way. This process does not need an expert, only by taking some safety precaution anybody can extract gold. It was very productive for me hopefully for you too.

Extracting gold chips from processor:

First of all extract chips from the motherboard and processor carefully that not affects other circuits of the laptop. Remove the chips from a board with screwdriver carefully.

These chips contain gold lining in them. Collect all the chips that contain gold plated parts, gold plated pins, and gold plated fingers and then extract them with the help of a magnet.

Cleaning Circuits chips:

Apply all safety precaution during the use of chemicals because it can damage your skin and also can produce a flame that could be dangerous.

So, secondly, put the gold fingers and clean circuit into the glass beaker and cover it. Take another beaker and mix it with two parts muriatic acid and one part hydrogen peroxide.

Add this solution into the beaker that it covers the circuits and gold fingers and then place it for one week and wait but stir it on a daily base.

RCBS Scale:

this scale is accurate to 1/10th of grain. However, a troy oz is a 1/12th troy pound and regular oz is 1/16th of a pound. So a troy oz is 480 grains.


It is a process in which alloyed metals are treated under the high temperature and get melted. In this process precious metal does not get oxidized but cheap metals to get oxidized easily like copper silver etc.other metals become slag but Gold remains the same.

This process is used from many years and it extracts 95 % gold from the electronics but it cannot extract silver from the gold. So in this process my 180 grains gold containing garbage converts into 75.9 grains gold with no garbage attached.

Collect Gold:

After a week, collect the gold flakes from the gold fingers and clean circuit carefully. After a week, the solution will be darker and gold flakes will be float on the upper layer of a solution and can be easily extracted from the solution

Dump the remaining part of a circuit into a deep tray and pour some water to clean, save the cleaned parts in the waist and save unclean parts for re-dipping.

Now clean the gold flakes with hydrogen peroxide as it contains alcohol so it cleans faster than the water, water will cling the flakes and it will give a false weight of Gold.

Use of BORAX:

There are two methods to extract Gold from gold flakes and clean it

a) mercury method

b) BORAX method

but I will suggest that you should the borax method is safe than the mercury method. Mercury method is extremely toxic for a generation.

Borax reduces the melting point of all the metals including Gold. Borax reduces the melting point of Gold as its melting point is1063˚C. This melting point cannot be easily achieved.

To achieve this melting point there is a need for a large number of burners. But Borax decrease the melting point of Gold and it can easily be achieved. By using borax no mercury flour is produced, and gold recovery increase.

Gold Flakes Melting:

Take your gold flakes and weight them. It will tell you how much gold is reduced during melting and cupellation.
now on burner heat you clay bowl and don’t worry if it cracks add borax into the bowl and heat it when it get melts to add gold flakes into it, add some more borax and heat it until the bead of Gold is formed, let it cool and then see how much you have lost the weight of Gold.

Collect Gold:

Finally, you can collect gold. One troy oz contains 480 grains and I extract 576 grains nearly about 600 grains in three months work. (one troy ounce is equal to 36 grams).

Tips for Collecting Gold from Computer and laptops

Use of Rubber gloves:

Always rubber gloves whenever you are removing the chips from the motherboard because a short circuit can be possible in this. To protect from damage you have to wear the gloves before touching the motherboard.

Use of Rubber Apron:

As we early discussed that for protection for your body from short circuit use an apron and it is also necessary for the chemicals we used in this process. Because these are all the toxic chemicals and acids that can destroy and damage the skin and can give toxic effects so use an apron for the protection.

Use of goggles:

eyes are the most sensitive part of the body, as we used chemicals and acid in this process that can affect eyes more commonly so always use goggles for the protection of your eyes. Otherwise, it can affect the eyes badly and blindness can also occur.

Proper place:

this process should be in the close room or lab that everybody stays away from this process because it is a very harmful process. Children should stay away from this.
Proper and daily stirring should also be done for a good result.

Special care:

The process should be done with special care and the worker should be competent. He should weight the chips and gold properly and chemicals should be measured properly. Because little mistake can destroy all the process of extraction. The extractor should keep an eye on the process daily.

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