What to do with a New Laptop?

What to do with a New Laptop?

What to do with a New Laptop?

Hello! Everyone! Ashley Harvard at your service, to tell you the most basic but most necessary thing about my favorite topic: LAPTOP! Yes, here, I will explain What Things to do when you get a new laptop.

So, I got this idea to write this article, when my annoying younger brother, Mark, just got the first position in his middle school. My father has already promised him for a laptop. The day his result was announced, in the evening, Mark was sitting with the new laptop. And, I have to admit even though I am not a fan of Mark, I am a big fan of laptops.

I was sitting with him, with a big smile on my face, when he unpacked it. But, unfortunately, I was shooed away. That little tweak! But ten minutes later, he was back to me, asking what he should do with his new laptop. Hahaha!

What to do with a New Laptop?

How I agreed to help him, after eating two doughnuts, is a different story. Let me focus on the main issue that WHAT WE SHOULD DO WITH A NEW LAPTOP? WHERE AND HOW WE SHOULD START? It’s an issue, which many people face, as I have noticed.

So, after, Mark has asked for my help, I realized that there would be many people around the world, who don’t have the answer and pretty sister like me to help. So, let me take you on a tour on what to do after opening your Brand-New Laptop.

First of all, you have to carefully unpack it. You have to check that all the relevant accessories like charger, extra battery and cables are in the box. In case, Anything Is Missing Contact TheFranchise That Instant.

You also need some accessories which are a MUST for your laptop. I have explained things to do when you get a new laptop, in detail, below:

Laptop covers:

The most important thing is to get a cover for your laptop. The cover could depend on your choice, for most guys, it’s the car or the bike cover, but if you are the fan of movies, especially Games of Thrones, you should for it. And, for people like me, Cool Quotations are best. I love to decorate my laptop with a variety of things.

These covers, not only, make your laptop looks unique and awesome but it also protects it from damage and scratches. So, buying a cover should be done as soon as possible.

Power Surge Protector:

If you are a traveler and you often stay in the area, where power isn’t stable, then buying a power surge protector is a must. As, without battery, there isn’t any use of laptop and it’ impossible to continue your work, in this day and age. 


Plus, if you are new to a laptop and aren’t comfortable using the touchpad, you can get a mouse and attach it with your laptop. It can make your work faster and make you feel more comfortable while using it, as I have seen it in most adults.


How can we forget to buy a headphone? If you want to enjoy music but are afraid to make people around you uncomfortable, the headphone is the best option. I recently bought Bluetooth ones and they have the wonderful sound quality and is lighter in weight to use.

External speakers:

But, if you want to enjoy music at full volume and let the world know, then you should go for external speakers for a laptop. There are many good ones, available these days and you can look for the best ones here:

Laptop cooling pad:

Laptop cooling pad. If you have the bad habit of using a laptop, on your bed or sofa (like me) then you should definitely go for laptop cooling pads. As it prevents your laptop from over-heating and provides a cooling effect to it.

These cooling pads have usually five fans attached to it and aren’t noisy at all if that’s what you are worried about. If are buying a laptop for live streaming then buying a cooling pad is a must as you may continue for hours.

After this, you need to start your laptop and the following steps can assist you in that:

Set up window:

You have to turn on the laptop while pressing a button which is usually on the left side of the laptop. Once, the laptop is turned on, the instructions on how to continue will be displayed on your screen. Just follow these instructions.

Internet connection:

Then comes the most important thing: the Internet. Honestly, the most wonderful thing about the laptop is how you can just watch anything like your favorite show or movie on it. And, for that, my friend, you need an internet connection.

So, let’s set up an internet connection. Usually, while setting up the window, you get an option to connect to Nearby WIFIDevices. But if you didn’t connect at that step, no worries. You can simply just go to your settings, (which you would find by clicking on the taskbar, window sign on bottom left).

And, then go for an option, usually written as “Network &Internet”. Click on it and you will get the various options related to the connection of internet devices, you can just click on the device you are connecting to.

Default browser:

After setting up the internet connection, the thing you should focus on should be the protection of your precious laptop. But first, you have to set up your default browser.

Go to “Internet Explorer” and write the browser you would like, at the search engine. It could be Google (the one I prefer), Mozilla Firefox, UC browser, Opera or you could just use Internet Explorer. These five are, actually, the top five browsers of 2019, but you can choose others too, the one you have already used and is comfortable with.

After that comes the protection of your laptop. For this, just go to your browser. It is best to pin the browser to the taskbar, by pressing the right click on its sign and choosing the option: Pin to taskbar. As it would be convenient to open it next time.

All of these are actually quite easy to set up and you can do it all in less than an hour. But each step is necessary to follow. It can help you avoid unwanted trouble in the future. So, I would strongly recommend following all these steps.


Okay! moving on the topic, you can just write, best antivirus of 2019 or antivirus you prefer. Personally, I use AVG Antivirus and I am quite satisfied with it. Plus, IT’S FREE! But, if you are a professional, it’s best to buy a package suitable for you. You can look for the best packages in the following link:

Downloading an antivirus is really important, as it protects your device from all the viruses available on various websites, which are working in the background and can seriously damage the system. Its best to buy antivirus, in the beginning, then to later lose both data and time.


It’s time to do FUN things, now. You can download your favorite apps from the App Store. For students, setting up a Microsoft account is a must. As, you will be spending, (unfortunately), most of your time on Word or PowerPoint.

And, it’s best to familiarise yourself with Microsoft, so you don’t have to find the options when you are doing your work. while meeting the deadline. (I know it always happens!)

Default apps:

Setting up the default programs, also make your work convenient and faster to do. Just go into the Setting the option Default Programs and then, you can choose the app in which you want to open your emails, photos, music player, etc.

Set up user account:

It depends whether you would be the only one using the laptop or you would be sharing it with your annoying siblings (like I had to do till Mark got his new laptop). In this case, it’s best to set up your own user account and set a password while you are at it.

You should always consider setting up the separate user account. Because it doesn’t only keep your folders and settings safe but also all your passwords and emails, you can miss if you are sharing your account with others.

Setting up the password:

You MUST set up a password or anyone can just open your laptop and do anything with your data. As a student or even as a professional, you have to bring your laptop to many places and to various people. They can just carelessly delete your data or unsaved work. So, it’s best to use a password.

To set up the password, go to “Settings” and to “Change Account Setting”. Usually, you would get the option of “Sign in options”. Just click on it and you will get the option of “Set up Password” and then, Reconfirm your password. After that, just click on “Okay”. And, your password will be set.

Screen brightness:

Adjusting the level of screen brightness is also really important. As it can affect, your eyesight and in worst cases can severely harm it. Not adjusting screen brightness is one of the many cases that your eyesight get bad, after using the laptop.

Laptop theme:

The wallpaper on your screen can make your experience more unique and enjoyable whine using a laptop. Setting up the picture of your loved one can give you the homely feeling. But setting up beautiful scenery can also help you feel relax.

You can simply choose a picture to set up as your wallpaper by pressing right click on the picture and then choosing the option of “Set as Wallpaper”. And, you can give a whole new look to your laptop by setting a meaningful picture.

You can also choose the funny ones or the ones which give you motivation. As you have to look at your wallpaper many times while using the laptop. So, it can either make you laugh or can give you the motivation to continue.


Using a laptop is not anything difficult or something you need the skill to use. Its something you learn why using it. The laptop is actually a wonderful device which can perform versatile functions and can assist you greatly in your work. If you are a beginner, it’s always good to get advice from someone around you or you simply just search on the internet. And, you will get most of your questions, answered.

Hope, you guys, got most of your answers from this. But if you have any further query, just post in the comment section below and I, or whatlaptops.com team, will reply. Have a good day!

Team- What Laptops

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