external keyboard for laptop not working

External Keyboard for Laptop Not Working

In this era of technology, we need contemporary machines, to make our life easier. The laptop is one of those machines, it’s friendly to use. I can carry it with me and can do work at any spot. Sometimes, I miss the accuracy and typing comfort which I get from a standard keyboard.

Always typing with the standard keyboard makes me feel good but sometimes using an external keyboard is creates a mess when it’s not working properly. In this article, our editors have explained the reasons for the External Keyboard for Laptop Not Working and also the best ways to fix it.

You can use both internal and external keyboards. If we add an external keyboard it does not harm the internal keyword, but we are not crazy enough to use both.

If your external keyboard is not working with a laptop then you are not only the one. Many other users have faced the same issue. If your keyboard is not working, then it’s useless for you. Well, believe me, every problem has a solution.

Well, the keyboard is of two types, mentioned below

  • Keyboard with wires
  • Wireless keyboard

External Keyboard for Laptop Not Working

There are a lot of reasons that your external keyboard does not work but every problem has a solution. I am telling you in detail. You can follow these steps.


In the majority of laptops nowadays, Bluetooth plays as a part of the bridge between laptop and external devices like keyboard, mouse, etc. However, if your laptop does not have a feature of Bluetooth or this feature is not working properly, you won’t be abler to use an external keyboard.


If you have a bad hard drive, not to worry it can update and reinstall. Electricity fluctuation and sudden force shutdowns also damage hardware components. 


You should have to always clean your keyboard. Dust can block your keyboard and it will not work properly. Moreover, humidity also affects devices like keyboards, mice, etc. to malfunction. You can clean your keyboard by a vacuum cleaner for laptop. It will not damage your keyboard. You can further wipe it with some cloth having sprayed any good quality liquid glass cleaner. 


Sometimes we can’t realize that our USB port defects. On a laptop, there are 3 to 4 slots of USB. We can unplug the keyboards from the USB port and then plug in another USB port. You will see it can work. 


Maybe your external keyboard is not working because of wrong regional or language settings.


Always check wireless external keyboard power. Sometimes, it requires batteries. Make sure that batteries have some life in them. In most keyboards, Bluetooth technology works as a source of a connection between your laptop and your keyboard. Make sure the Bluetooth feature is on in your laptop otherwise it will not connect with your wireless keyboard.

How to Fix External Keyboard for Laptop?

Now I am going to tell you some tips when you dealing with a difficult situation, surely! These will be useful tips for your help.


Firstly updated keyboard and USB drivers if external keyboard not working.

  • Click on START
  • When the DEVICE MANAGER appears in the result .
  • Click on Find KEYBOARD in the list of devices
  • Expand the list then click right the KEYBOARD DEVICE

Now, wait until the latest drivers will install. After installation, if the keyboard not works, then uninstalled the device and wait until the drivers will be removed properly. After done, you should have to reboot window. This action will reinstall the driver.

Rollover drivers

There is one more option rollover device. Most of the times it’s grayed, however, a new driver installed. If your keyboard not working and this option is available.


N install a new update of the driver. Maybe it works for you if not then don’t be disappoint I have many more solutions for you.


Protect your keyboard from dust and dirt. It’s not easy to clean a standard keyboard. At the start, unplug the keyboard from the slot or power off the wireless keyboard. A vacuum cleaner is a good option.it will take all dust from the keyboard without any harm.

You can turn upside down the keyboard and tap it gently, dirt will come out do it very gently otherwise you will harm your keyboard. I have just posted a detailed guide on cleaning laptop keyboard without removing keys.


If your laptop is broken or damaged and due to shock disconnected to the motherboard, then replaced the keyboard.


Well! It’s another issue if your keys of the keyboard not working, it’s because of your language setting. After you find that problem is not in hardware then firstly check the language setting.

Different countries have different keyboards layout. You have to reconfigure the area settings of your keyboard.

  • Press WINDOW
  • Select TIME and LANGUAGE
  • Click on ADD A LANGUAGE
  • Then select the correct option for your keyboard.
  • Select NEXT
  • Click on INSTALL

Then wait until language will install in your laptop. Select the new language from the language drop-down menu, in the region n language screen. 


On desktop

  • Click on the ACTION CENTRE
  • Then select ALL SETTINGS from the right corner
  • Then click EASE OF ACCESS
  • Click on KEYBOARD
  • Check FILTER KEY is OFF

Then close the window

So, guys, these were the common issues regarding an external keyboard. Most people find it very annoying but by checking the above-mentioned points you can get rid of problems pertinent to the connection between a laptop and an external keyboard.

A few months ago I faced a similar sort of issue and I got so furious at that time, I have a USB mouse too it works well in a USB slot, then I plug out my USB mouse and plug in the keyboard slot but it works well there too. Then I realize that some of my keyboard buttons not working. I tried to use my wireless keyboard, I came to know don’t have a Bluetooth feature on my laptop, then I decided to use an external keyboard to finish my task.

I find some content about it on the internet but it took around an hour to explore but you are lucky enough that you are reading this article and in no time you will find the solution to your problem.

By the way, my name is SARAH JOHN and I am a journalist by profession and I am also working with whatlaptops.com. I hope you find my article useful and all your relevant questions must be answered in the above-mentioned problems and their relevant solutions.

Best of luck.

Team- WhatLaptops.com

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